A Modern Data Exploration and Visualization Platform

NioViz is a modern, open-source data exploration & visualization platform designed to support all data personas in an organization. It belongs to “Business Intelligence” category of the tech stack. NioViz integrates well with a variety of data sources and it empowers users to perform analytics at the speed of thought. NioViz by Niograph supplements Apache Superset potential with additional components and simple installation scripts that can be deployed at the required scale

Data Visualization Platform with Robust Feature

Powerful yet easy to use

Quickly and easily integrate and explore your data, using either our simple no-code viz builder or state of the art SQL IDE.

Integrates with modern databases

Nioviz can connect to any SQL based datasource through SQLAlchemy, including modern cloud native databases and engines at petabyte scale.

Modern architecture

Nioviz is lightweight and highly scalable, leveraging the power of your existing data infrastructure without requiring yet another ingestion layer.

Rich visualizations and dashboards

Nioviz ships with a wide array of beautiful visualizations. Our visualization plug-in architecture makes it easy to build custom visualizations that drop directly into Superset.


Explore your data using the array of data visualizations.


View your data through interactive dashboards.


Use SQL Lab to write queries to explore your data.

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Supported Database

Nioviz supports all most all SQL based Database

NioViz Solution Implementation

Nioviz leveraging the power of your existing data infrastructure without requiring yet another ingestion layer. If Anything is missing Niograph can help you out with that by their professional services.

Data Source

If you already have MySQL compatible database available for your data sources, NioViz can be implemented directly. If not, Niograph can aid in setting up suitable data sources, using Kafka and Druid.

Data Integration

Through data integration, all data sources are compiled for maximum benefits, preventing loss of any valuable data. The various data sources are integrated seamlessly with the use of cutting-edge processes, for complete utilization.

Data Warehouse

Data warehouses are built, modernized, or optimized, depending upon your existing data warehousing structure. With modernized data warehouses, you get improved application, scalability, and connectivity, that supports growth and data democratization.

BI Report & Dashboard

Niograph data analytics and data visualization with NioViz enables you to leverage all your data to make better business decisions that generate improved ROI. Custom dashboards, graphics, and analytics are created that simplify data understand for enhanced applications.

NioViz Deployment Options

NioViz is available for free, at no additional charge, with costs involved for professional services only for the implementation and management, as well as training. Service options include: 

Why consider a Data Visualization Tool – NioViz for your Business

Data visualization tools, such as NioViz are valuable assets for businesses as they provide a clear and concise way to represent complex data. These tools enable companies to quickly identify patterns, trends, and outliers in data that can be crucial in making informed decisions. Data visualization tools also allow for easier collaboration between team members as they can easily share and understand data insights. With the ability to create interactive dashboards, businesses can access real-time data and adjust their strategies accordingly. Additionally, data visualization tools can help companies save time and resources by automating the process of data analysis. Ultimately, using data visualization tools can lead to improved business performance, increased efficiency, and better decision-making.

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