Surbhi Jain & Associates

Surbhi Jain & Associates

Surbhi Jain is a Charted Accountant (CA) from last 5 Years. As a Independent CA, knowing the capacity of data visualization , that a graphical represantation of a data is more effective rather then a data in spread sheet, she wants to Satisfy her clients using new technology on their business accounting data. She wants BI Tools to use and grow according to them rather than just Guessings!

See how NioViz BI Tool and Niograph Professional Services helps her- 


Before the days of data visualization, accountants didn’t need to think much about how their data was received.  Data presented to audiences was shown as-is, often in spreadsheet or document form. If the viewer didn’t understand the data, that wasn’t the concern of the accounting department. 

Additionally, accounting departments only used to focus on a limited pool of data. Their profession mostly dealt with categorizing revenue, expenses and assets correctly and checking work for accuracy. Data from other departments rarely came into play. 

Both of these factors changed with the rise of technology and big data. The big data phenomenon has raised expectations for accounting departments, both in processing and presenting data. As a result, data visualization has become a necessity. 


Niograph made dashboard  using Nioviz BI Tool based  on Superset in different accounting and as well as different clients Head ., which makes their whole data talk. Data Visualization makes data exploration, monitor and explanation easier and effective then earlier. 

Before finalizing the company evaluated several other BI tools having the potential to fetch and analyze data from its system.  


The reason to choose nioviz bi tool  and niograph professional services was that it was much more flexible, user-friendly, interactive, with intuitive visualizations, efficient, Cost Effective  than other tools and services. 

Surbhi integrated Nioviz into their working environment quickly. 

Later, it was on free 3 months improvements and training their staff, which helps her to upskill the nioviz bi tool and helps her to increase their clients as well, because of data driven solution was started to give their client.


January 5, 2023


Data Visualization